A Smarter Choicefor Weeknight Cooking

Make delicious & healthy meals at home in 15 minutes with a fresh meal box, delivered to your door

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No Boring Prep Work

Our chefs will wash, peel, chop, marinate high-quality fresh ingredients and even cook sauces, rice and paasta, to perfection, for you.

Easy 3-Step Recipes

Cooking at home cannot get any easier than this. Cook in just 3 easy steps. No complex techniques or instructions.

Lesser Cleaning Up

Save yourself the time and effort of doing boring chores like cleaning up. All our dishes are designed for one pan cooking.

Feastively fresh meal box instruction card food and a pan
4.5+Stars rating

We've done HelloFresh & Marley Spoon in the past but the pre-prep style of Feastively is very appealing - anything to save some extra time in the kitchen!


4.5+Stars rating

My 2 favourite things about it were that it only took 15 mins and there were only 3 steps. Couldn’t be happier with the convenience while still having dinners feel ‘home cooked’.

Su Yee

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4.5+Stars rating

I was very impressed with how fresh and prepared it was. Dinner literally only took 10-15 mins to make, as promised! Not only that, it was healthy and delicious too, and just the right amount for 2.


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Starting at just$10.50 per plate

When you get started with a meal plan. Feastively is more affordable than the cheeky mid-week takeaway and restaurant food delivery. Enjoy FREE delivery to your door.

(Price indicated for 3 nights' meals for a family of 4)

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Cook Something NewEvery Week

Eat whatever you like. Choose your meals from a changing weekly menu. New dishes are added to the menu every week. We offer a wide variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian recipes. Step up your weeknight dining with delicious food from around the world.

How It Works

feastively - how it works - choose your meals

Choose Your Meals

Choose your meals from an ever-changing seasonal weekly menu. Step up your weeknight dining with an international cuisine.

feastively - how it works - we do the prep

We'll Do the Prep

Our chefs will wash, chop and marinate fresh local ingredients for you. It's like having your own personal kitchen helper

feastively - how it works - receive your meal box

Receive Your Boxes

We'll deliver your fresh meal boxes to your door, FREE. Each meal box is individually chilled so it's okay if you're not home.

feastively - how it works - cook in 15 minutes

Cook in 15 Minutes

Make a delicious dinner in 15 minutes or less, box to plate, guaranteed. It only takes 3 easy steps.

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Together We CanEnd World Hunger

We believe good food is worth sharing. Who better to share it with than those who need it the most? When you eat with Feastively you're actively investing in ending world hunger by 2030. We invest a dollar per order on your behalf with The Hunger Project, Australia to empower women across marginalised communities so that they can become self-reliant in food security.

Ready to Get Started?

Meal plans for couples & families for 2 - 5 nights a week or fortnight

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Dinner for Two

From: $11 per meal
Serves: 2 Adults

feastively - 15 minute meals delivered fresh to your door

Dinner for a Family

From: $10.50 per meal
Serves: 2 Adults and 2 - 3 kids