Make Dinnerin 15 Minutes

Fresh ingredients for weeknight dinners delivered to your door. We prep, you cook in just ONE PAN.

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More Time for Balanced Living

Cook amazing meals in just 15 minutes. We not only plan and shop for you but we also wash, chop and marinate fresh seasonal ingredients for you. We prep, you cook!

steak with chimichurri sauce, corn and rice salad

Chore-Free Weeknights

Save yourself the time and effort of doing boring chores like cleaning up. All our dishes are designed for one pan cooking.

food in a pan and chicken poke bowl
feastively - how it works - choose your meals

So Easy, Even Kids Can Cook It

Cooking at home cannot get any easier than this. Cook in just 3 easy steps. No complex techniques or instructions.

what's inside a feastively fresh meal box

Zero Food Waste

We pre-cut and portion everything to a recipe so you get to use 100% of everything we send you. Everything is delivered to you in just the right amount.

How It Works

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1. Choose Your Meals

Choose something new every week. Our weekly changing menu features gluten-free, low-carb and vegetarian meals.

prepped veg

2. We'll Do the Prep

Our chefs will wash, chop and marinate fresh local ingredients for you. It's like having your own personal kitchen helper

feastively - how it works - receive your meal box

3. Receive Your Boxes

We'll deliver your fresh meal boxes to your door, FREE. Each meal box is individually chilled so it's okay if you're not home.

food in a pan and chicken poke bowl

4. Cook in 15 Minutes

Make a delicious dinner in 15 minutes or less, box to plate, guaranteed. It only takes 3 easy steps.

Eat to End World Hunger

We believe good food is worth sharing. Let's end world hunger together. We invest a dollar per order with The Hunger Project, Australia, which empowers women in marginalised communities, so that they can address food security.

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