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You'll Love Cooking Again

Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

Skip the boring shopping & prep work. We'll wash, peel, chop & marinate high-quality fresh ingredients for you. We even cook sauces, rice and pasta, to perfection, so you don't have to stress about it.

So Easy, Even Kids Can Cook It

Cooking at home cannot get any easier than this. Cook in just 3 easy steps. No complex techniques or instructions.

Say Goodbye to Cleaning Up

Save yourself the time and effort of doing boring chores like cleaning up. All our dishes are designed for one pan cooking.

FREE Delivery & Flexible Pricing

Buy once off or set up regular deliveries.

Single Buy

Buy as you go
$25Per box
  • Serves 2 adults (or 2 meals for 1)
  • Minimum order: 3 boxes
  • Order whenever you like
  • Only $12.50 per plate


Meal Plan
From $110Per week
  • Serves 2 adults & 2 early teens
  • Plans for 2/3 nights
  • One click pause or skip
  • Weekly or fortnightly deliveries
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Our Guarantee

Box to Plate in15 Minutes

See How
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Your Choice of Meals

Imagine if we all ate the same thing all the time. Gosh, that doesn't sound like fun at all. Your food choices are as unique as you and our weekly changing menu celebrates diversity in flavours and food preferences.

Choose from new and interesting recipes each week. No matter what you pick, rest assured, it can be cooked in 15 minutes or less. Whether you prefer vegetarian, fish, no pork or even gluten-free, we'll have something on the menu to satisfy your needs and taste.

Delivered Fresh or Your Money Back

We're sticklers for freshness. We've partnered with some of the best local suppliers in the industry to make sure the produce reaches your home from the farm faster.

You'll only ever receive the freshest ingredients in your meal box. We prep and pack the produce on the day of the delivery which reaches you in a few hours. We buy local and deliver locally, to lock in the freshness you deserve.

Your meal boxes are stamped with dates to indicate how long your ingredients will stay fresh. It's either fresh or your money back, promise!

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Zero Food Waste

Soft pulpy tomatoes, limp and sad herbs, stinky half onion. Ugh! Despite your best intentions, these martyrs will never make it to anyone's plate. There's usually only one place for them, the kitchen bin. But not anymore.

We pre-cut and portion everything to a recipe so you get to use 100% of everything we send you. Salad leaves, fruits with the core removed, herb leaves and even half bunches of beans. Everything delivered to you in just the right amount.

AND, we send the leftover veggie parts to the compost bin to help the next generation of fresh produce.

Eat to End World Hunger

We believe good food is worth sharing. Who better to share it with than those who need it the most? When you eat with Feastively you're actively investing in ending world hunger by 2030. We invest a dollar per order on your behalf with The Hunger Project, Australia to empower women across marginalised communities so that they can become self-reliant in food security.

We believe good food is worth sharing. When you eat with Feastively you're actively investing in ending world hunger by 2030. We invest a dollar per order on your behalf with The Hunger Project, Australia.

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Buy once off or set up regular deliveries.

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We 💖 Serving Amazing Food

I'm Harry, Founder of Feastively. My Team & I are foodies at heart. We love food and we love serving amazing food. It's my personal guarantee that you'll love the food too. But if for any reason you don't, get in touch with me and I'll surprise you.

Bon appetit!

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