Behind the Box: Get to Know Us

Sometimes, a well cooked meal is all we need at the end of a busy working day. And thankfully, for many of our Feastively Fans, that’s exactly what they’re getting. So we thought we’d catch up with one of our happy Fans to see how Feastively works for them.

Meet Emma - a cooking noob.

Trying out Feastively


In other words: “I’m a total fail when it comes to cooking for myself after a busy working day. I can’t cook to save my life. It’s the going out and buying the ingredients, the prepping… and washing dishes just drains my life! I come home so CEEBS sometimes. Cooking takes up too much of my night, not allowing for study or for unwinding. Instant noodles for me.”

So how did Feastively change her life?

“I was suspicious at how easy it was. I just thought cooking can’t be this fast!” As a full-time student, juggling a demanding part-time job in the city, Emma couldn’t have asked for more than to sit down with a delicious meal, all cooked in under 15 minutes. And the best thing? “I only had to clean the saucepan and my spoon!”

Food prepping


As a student on a tight budget, Emma knows exactly what it feels like to miss out on the all-important Five-a-Day. “Sometimes, I don’t have time to think about eating healthy. I’m just so busy, I tend to just grab what I can get and head out the door.”

But knowing that the meals follow Feastively’s philosophy of farm fresh, nutritious, and wholesome, Emma has never felt better. “Now I don’t feel guilty eating all this food because I know the meals are all fresh - using real, high-quality food. I definitely feel like I’ve got more energy in my day now. I used to hate red onions as well, but after the way it was cooked in the Feastively Burger, I love how flavoursome they can be.”

The final product! Feastively's burger

It’s simplified Emma's life, and she loves Feastively for it.