Frequently Asked Questions

Our meal kits are designed for at least 2 adults to minimise packaging. If you’re cooking just for yourself, you could take dinner for lunch the next day. Less work for you.

No problem at all. Just log into your account and pause or cancel the plan by Thursday each week.

All of our meal kits take between 10-15 minutes, from start to finish.

How? We do all the prep work for you like chopping veggies, cooking rice or quinoa and we even prepare the sauces and marinades. Usually, these dishes would take at least 40 mins to prepare if you were to cook them from scratch.

Great care has been taken in the making of our product. However, we cannot guarantee against allergens.

Our meal kit components are packaged separately so you can choose to add the veggies, meats and herbs to your liking when cooking.

Each cooked meal weighs between 325 – 400 grams. Enough to satisfy an average adult’s hunger.

Your meals are nutritionally balanced. You’ll get enough veggies, protein and carbs in each meal. Absolutely no added preservatives and additives.

Write to us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, you can email us on eat @ feastively . com.

Or, drop us a line from where Harry’s head is bobbing in the right-hand bottom corner.

Yes, absolutely. You don’t have to start a weekly plan. You can purchase meals once-off to suit your needs.

We deliver to addresses within the Melbourne metro region.

Order 3 boxes minimum and we’ll pay for delivery.

Nope. We’ll cover the cost of delivery. It’s FREE!

You can choose the date and time-slot you want your packs to be delivered at checkout.

We have 2 delivery days for Fernwood St Kilda members, Monday and Thursday. All other orders will be delivered on Sunday.

You can place an order 2 days prior to your chosen delivery date.

Yes, we prefer delivering to your office, especially if you work in inner Melbourne region.

Nope! Your meal packs are delivered with gel ice kits so they can stay out of the fridge for up to 4 hours after delivery.

Feastively’s packaging is small and easy to dispose of. You can reuse the gel ice pack and dispose of the rest in your recycling bin. Check with your council if you can do that though. Ideally, you would drop off the plastics for recycling at a RedCycle centre.

We’ve tied up with Fernwood St Kilda to deliver your orders to the club. We have 2 delivery days for Fernwood members, Monday and Thursday.