The Complete Guide toHow Feastively's Service Works

Getting Started - Select a Plan

feastively meal plans

We offer 3 flexible plans to suit your lifestyle. Choosing the right plan will ensure there’s enough to make everyone happy.

Regular Plan: Makes TWO generous portions per meal kit. Ideal for young families and couples. If you’re cooking just for yourself, you’ll have extras for lunch. Cook once, eat twice.

Plus Plan: Cook THREE generous portions from each meal kit. Suited for nucelar families or homes with slightly larger appetites. Have an athlete or tradie to feed? Try this plan instead of the regular plan.

Large Plan: Create FOUR generous portions per meal kit. Best suited to regular families with a couple of kids. You could even use this if you’re in a shared home. Less work for everyone and you save on meal delivery.

You can select 2 – 4 meals per delivery for each plan. Why only 4? Because plans change and no one likes wasting food. Besides, wouldn’t you want to cook a family special dish on Saturday?

You don’t have to subscribe to a plan. All plans let you try them for a week to see if Feastively’s fresh meal kits are suited to your family’s tastes and needs. Use the trial to test if there’s enough food in each plan and adjust as needed. There’s no obligation to continue after the trial.

Choose Your Meals

feastively recipes

Based on the plan options you choose you can order 2 – 4 recipes in each delivery.

We’re foodies at heart and offer an impressive selection of travel-inpired recipes. Our menu is best suited to someone who wants to enjoy flavours from around the world.

A lot of heart and thought goes into selectng and designing the recipes so that they’re nutritious AND authentic tasting. Great flavours are a passion at Feastively.

The menu changes every week with new recipes and old favourites. There’s always something different to serve for dinner so you won’t see any tantrums about eating the same boring meals. Mix it up with your cooking and takeaway food.

You’ll always find a punchy selection of recipes that will appeal to vegetarians, seafood lovers and carnivores. Our menu isn’t huge, but it’s top quality.

Taking Delivery

After selecting your plan and your meals, it’s time for delivery. We currently delivery to select suburbs across Melbourne metro on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday you’ll receive an SMS to notify you that your delivery driver is en route. You can track the delivery live, just like other food delivery services.

Your meal kits are delivered with fresh ingredients with enough insulation and ice packs to control for optimum temperature. The returnable ice packs will keep your food safe for up to 4 hours so you can enjoy your time out.

You don’t have to be home to take delivery. Our delivery driver will place your package in a sae place if you’re not home. You can give us special intructions to securely leave your package away from prying eyes of hungry predators.

Your meals are packed in 3 layers – the ingredients, the meal kit and then teh cardboard box the meal kits sit in. You can rest assured that your food will be safe unless a fox decides to have a feast. Thankfully we don’t have foxes in Melbourne.

Cooking with Feastively

Cooking with Feastively’s fresh meal kits is quite different and unusual compared to other products & services. We help you cook like pro chefs. The secret to their cooking is mise en place. That’s French for having everything ready in place before cooking.

Everything you need for your meal is delivered fresh, already prepped. That’s everything but the seasoning and oil. We wash, chop, marinate and even make the sauces for you. That’s right, you get to cook without the boring & tedious prep work. The real fun is in the cooking, isn’t it?

Follow the easy 3-step cooking instructions for a hassle-free cooking experience. Each instruction card will tell you which utensils and seasoning you need.

Most of our recipes are designed to be cooking in 15 minutes or less. It’s not because they’re overly simplistic recipes. It’s because we break down the recipes into components and prep the ones that will take time away from your evenings.

Changing Plans

Your life doesn’t stand still. Plans change and so do moods. Feastively’s service is flexible enough to adapt to your lifestyle.

When your needs change you can switch between plans. Got guests? Add a few portions. Kids moved out of home (finally)? Reduce the portions. You can also change the number of meal kits you receive in any delivery. Got a busy week? Add a few more. Got more social commitments? Pull back on a few kits. It’s as easy as cicking and tapping through a few buttons.

When you’re away for holidays or just want to take a break from Feastively, simply pause your plan. If you’re using our competitor’s product or want to cook more at home for a while, cancel your plan.

There are so many ways to adapt Feastively’s service to your needs.

Regular deliveries

When you sign up for a subscription service, or regular deliveries, you can decide whether you want it weekly or fortnightly. It’s easy to change this in your account.

We’ll send you reminders via SMS and email to select your meals each week. All you have to do is tap a few buttons on your mobile or computer and we’ll know what to send you.

If you want to make changes to your plan you’ll find direct links to do that in the communication we send you. Simply make the changes or let us know your choice of recipes by Thursday midnight.

Occasionally we’ll ask you for feedback. We can only do better if you tell us how we’re doing.

Referring friends & family

If you like Feastively and think your friends or family should use it too then we have a very generous referral offer. Refer someone to use Feastively’s service and they’ll receive $25 off their first delivery.

For being an awesome supporter, you too get $25 off your next delivery.

It’s a win-win!

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