Our Story

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“Dinnertime was sacred when I was growing up in India. All tools, TV, screens, books and earplugs had to go down. It’s the one meal we ate together as a family. Mum wouldn’t have it any other way. She knew how to keep us all happy with her cooking, even when she cooked after a full day at work.”

– Harry Sekhon (Founder & CEO, Feastively)

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What Do We Do Now?

My family moved from town to town because of dad’s work. I’ve lived practically all over India. I got a taste of everything Indian cuisine has to offer. I grew up loving food.

I became fanatical about seeking new flavours and cuisines after I moved to Melbourne in 2006. A corporate career afforded me the luxury of travelling overseas. My travels helped me immerse myself in new flavours. It was fascinating and exciting.

But the pace of our life was such that this inspiration rarely translated into reality. I dreaded the “what’s for dinner?” question. It took forever to cook new meals. Eating the same thing every day was boring. Takeaway and readymade food was easy but left the flavours and affordability didn’t stack up.

Ugh! What should we do?

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The Inspiration

Besides mum’s cooking, a book on Indian classical cooking, by author JS Kalra, became my muse. I practised these recipes on weekends. I cooked twice the quantity so that the slow-cooked dishes would last us a while.

I liked the cooking but not the prep. Wish I had domestic help, like mum did when we were growing up. It was boring and monotonous work.

The inspiration to do something about it came not from prime-time cooking competition shows but a lesser known show on Netflix. I loved the unconventional cooking techniques, the passion, the ingenuity and most importantly the organisation of their kitchen.

I discovered mise en place – a French culinary term for having everything ready to go before service. It’s no wonder these chefs can serve dishes in 15 minutes (or a little over).

I wondered if home cooks could cook like professional chefs using mise en place. I wanted to help people. Food is my passion and I loved making things more efficient with technology. Hmm, the pieces of the puzzle come together, at last.

I escaped the corporate grind, where I worked as a supply chain executive, to put my knowledge to test. I knew nothing about the food industry when I started. But when has that ever stopped anyone from following their passion? I learned by doing and trusted my palette to deliver the goods.

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I think we're on to something ...

I wondered, “what would a great meal delivery service look like, one that lets you cook your own meals from fresh ingredients without having to do the boring chores, like cleaning up and prep work?”. How do the food trucks manage all that prep? How do they cater for so many people at the Aus Open?

Turns out a brigade of prep chefs spends hours putting it all together.

EUREKA! That’s what Feastively would be – a prep kitchen for home chefs. With the freshest ingredients, sourced locally and internationally, we designed the Feastively fresh meal box.

We used as many reusable and recyclable materials as possible. We built operations to minimise waste and to improve waste utilisation on our end.

We imagined a world without compromise, where you can have the convenience of home delivery, the flavours and taste of a restaurant meal and the freshness of a home-cooked delight – all of this in a little box of goodness.