Get started with our flexible Meal Plans. Each plan is based on your preferred size of Meal Kit, with the option to change the number of kits you need delivered as you go.
Feastively Regular Plan

Regular Plan

Meals for 2 people or extra for 1 person.
From $23Per Meal Kit
  • TWO Generous Serves Per Kit
Feastively Plus Plan

Plus Plan

For small families & plus-sized appetites
From $34Per Meal Kit
  • THREE Generous Serves Per Kit
Feastivey Large Plan

Large Plan

For families & when you just need more
From $42Per Meal Kit
  • FOUR Generous Serves Per Kit

Choice of 2 - 4 Meal Kits

FREE Fruit Hamper*

Pause or Change Anytime

1 Week Trial Available

FREE Home Delivery

Your Choice of Meals

* With FIRST delivery for regular subscribers. You’re eligible for the hamper even if you’ve used a trial plan before. Offer not applicable for trial plan option.

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