Due to the perishable nature of the product and high delivery costs, we do not accept or process any returns.

In circumstances that you believe the product needs to be returned because it is not fit for purpose, you may be eligible for a refund. By fit for purpose we mean the product being safe for consumption. However, this does not apply to incorrect meal choices, personal taste preferences or portion size. If you believe the product is not fit for consumption we recommend disposing of it in a safe way.

If you’ve forgotten to update your account and receive a delivery when you are away from home for an extended period i.e. beyond the day of delivery please consider either allowing our delivery staff to stock your fridge, ask your neighbour to sore it for you, ask a local family member to collect it and use it. Goods once delivered, cannot be returned.


Since the product is perishable and non-returnable you may be eligible for a refund under the following special circumstances.

  1. An incorrect charge against your account. This applies to charges against your account when you have provided us with specific and explicit instruction to not do so. This happens on rare occasion due to incorrect account setup e.g. fortnightly vs weekly renewal. Instructions must be provided in writing via chat or email or by managing your Feastively account settings online.
  2. You believe that the product delivered is not fit for consumption. Please get in touch with us via phone, chat or email and let us know about the situation. See below for contact details.
  3. You were sent the wrong product. We encourage you to at least try the product before requesting a refund. Who knows, you might actually like it.
  4. The product never gets delivered. This has never happened, but if it does e.g. the delivery van gets robbed on the way, we will bear the cost and refund.
  5. Damaged products – We deliver prepped ingredients, which if not consumed bu the “use by” date indicated on the delivery box, will not be fit for purpose. In this situation, the product cannot be considered damaged. However, if the packaging for high-risk products such as rice, meats and fish has come undone, we recommend not consuming it and reporting it to us for a refund.

A refund will not be considered in the following circumstances.

  1. You’ve forgotten to update your account by the cut-off date outlined in your weekly email reminder and the delivery has already been scheduled.
  2. When you are away for an extended period of time from the day of delivery. Anything over 4 hours from the time of delivery is considered an extended period of time since we cannot guarantee the safety of the product.
  3. You did not like the taste/flavour of the recipe ordered when you believe the product is safe to consume.
  4. You are unhappy with the portion size.
  5. The product did not meet your expectations in any other way. Please share your feedback with us in this situation. We will do our best to do better for the next delivery.
  6. Your delivery goes missing after it was delivered to your door. We will do our best to follow your instructions for delivery to apartments and gated homes. However, Feastively is not responsible if the product disappears after being delivered to a publicly accessible area.
  7. Your pet ate all the food. At least someone enjoyed their meal.